How to edit an existing Debian package in installation disk?

ive been trying to edit a Debian installation CD, followed tutorial on debian website, with following result: successfully extracted disk’s content, used genisoimage to recreate iso, tried to install debian, no problem.

and then the problem, when i tried to edit one of the package, say i want to change a picture in a package .deb, i used this command:

extract .deb:


mkdir directoryname
cd directoryname
dpkg-deb -x pathtopackage/package_name.deb .
dpkg-deb -e pathtopackage/package_name.deb

building .deb :

dpkg-deb -b . pathtopackage/new_package_name.deb

and replaced the very same package on /pool/main debian cd directory however after built the iso, it failed to install my edited package,

i’ve tried to fix md5 sum inside cd, rebuild dist/Release, still no luck. any advice?

thanks in advance

installation debian package edit cd

after a while, I finally did it.

first mistake

building .deb :

dpkg-deb -b . pathtopackage/new_package_name.deb
correct command:

dpkg-deb -b -Zgzip . pathtopackage/new_package_name.deb
to recreate exact package as original one

and then following the rest of tutorial on,

except for debootstrap error, it can be done by following tutorial from this page

edit my debootstrap.deb, repackage, and voila, done all the works.

apparently my error was because debootstrap error from official debian page doesnt work for me.

hope this information useful for everyone


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